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You can choose “Recruitment” at the top of the page and choose your favorite position based on the type of position, language ability, and work location. After finding a suitable position, select “Learn More”> “Apply for Position” to submit the position application. Our HR will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Callnovo is a professional global customer contact center. We provide multilingual one-stop solutions for customers around the world. As long as you are between 18-50 years old and meet the recruitment needs of our specific projects, you can apply for the corresponding position online.
CallnovoSupport the delivery of multiple positions at the same time. Please pay attention to the response of different positions. It is recommended that you close in timeNote the dynamics of job application.
Work dedicated computer; stable network; separate working room; backup network and power supply to cope with network or power outages.
You can click Contact HR in the upper right corner of the page to get the contact information of HR.
We support online remote interviews and offline interviews at the same time, you can consult for specific positionsHRUnderstand the interview schedule.
  • (1) Please keep the interview environment quiet, well lit, and the background clean and tidy
  • (2) Camera: The camera function needs to be turned on throughout the video interview. Please prepare equipment with camera function in advance and test it in advance to ensure normal use.
  • (3) Headphones: In order to ensure clear sound quality during the interview, please test the equipment in advance.
  • (4) Network: During the interview, it is recommended that you close other applications to keep the network in a good and stable condition without delay.
  • (5) Personal: Pay attention to dress and be generous and decent. Talk politely and keep smiling.
If there is further progress, our HR will contact you in time via phone, email, and SMS. Please keep in touch and wait patiently. If your application is successful, we will formally notify you by email within 2 working days after the final interview; if you do not receive the email notification, it means that your application was unsuccessful.
If your resume for the position is sufficiently detailed and can provide a self-introduction video in the language required for the job application, this will shorten the time for the preliminary review of your qualifications and make your interview process faster.
At the end of each calendar month, the financial department will review your actual working hours in the current month. Your salary will be in the following month15A few days ago, transfer to your account.
The specific payment model and most projects are settled on an hourly rate basis. Because the tax declaration policies of different countries are different, the hourly salary we pay is all inclusive of the price, and the tax is the responsibility of the applicant.
The salary and benefits of different projects will be different. We will set your salary structure according to the plan provided to us by the customer. For details, please refer to the detailed information of the specific position.
The ways of signing contracts for different positions are different. Take customer service as an example. Our contract is signed according to the project, not according to the year. If your job is recognized by the customer, we will continue to hire you until the customer ends the project; if the customer decides to cancel Projects, you can still find other job opportunities on our website. For candidates who have done other projects in our company and have performed well, we will give priority to them and provide job recommendations. For the specific situation, you can consult the HR responsible for this position to understand the situation.