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Introduction to Callnovo

Introduction to Callnovo

Callnovo – founded in Toronto, Canada in 2004 – is an internationallyleading technologically-enabled one-stop multilingual, omnichannel customer service outsourcing contact center. We have nearly 20 locallybased customer service call centers overseas, providing 24/7 overseas native language customer service operations and technical support solutions in more than 200 languages ​for multitudes of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies – including overseas Chinese brands and crossborder e-commerce sellers.

Introduction to Callnovo
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Free training with Callnovo Recruitment

Free Training

With our free, effective training, you have the advantage of building your career from scratch. The awesome skills you will learn are: customer service soft skills, software & system skills, and product knowledge.

Free time with Callnovo Recruitment


With our provided shift options, you can benefit from having the right position match your style – your current situation(s). Work more efficiently and gain some more cash.

Many project opportunities


Pinpoint the right career with our various project opportunities, finding your niche in a competitive world. Our opportunities are not only stable – but, they can guarantee that you reap longterm benefits.

Free location

Free Location

Earn your income with a limited amount of tools; only a mobile phone, a computer, a headset,a reliable internet connection, and a quiet environment is all you need.

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Callnovo has deployed nearly 20 venues around the world,
serving more than 150 countries and regions, in more than 200 languages,
and to more than 5 billion people worldwide.