English Customer Service agent for Househould Appliances account

Full Time

Job Description

Callnovo Contact Center is a 16+ years professional Canada-based global contact center. We hire global Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

**We are currently looking to hire customer service/tech support representatives for Household Appliances clients.**

Here are the perks:
– Competitive hourly rate with a daily paid 45-minute lunch break and bio-break.
– Approximately 170 monthly paid hours.
– Paid complete training from the 4th day on at the normal pay date; training is normally 3-5 days.
– We provide CRM and softphone system access.
– Work from the comfort of your own home (WFH).

Here’s what we’re looking for:
– An efficient, proactive-personality, responsible, responsive CSR is required
– 1 efficient, responsible, responsive, proactive CSRs.
– 2+ years of customer service experience is required. Better with Household appliances experience.
– Tech support preferred
– Strongly proficient English bilingual language skills.
– Good oral bilingual communication skills.
– Strong problem solving skills.
– Fair computer and telecommunications skills.
– Reliable computer, reliable Internet access, and also a quiet work environment required.

Work Shift Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM SingaporeTime (Monday – Friday).